Collaborative Divorce
Resolving differences outside of the courtroom relying on honesty, cooperation, and integrity.

Collaborative divorce is a respectful way of resolving family disputes together.

The process of collaborative divorce supports you through the stress and uncertainty of separation and divorce with a team of highly skilled caring professionals. The focus is on you and your family's needs, not the court process.

As the divorce coach on a collaborative divorce team, Yuval brings a blend of compassionate directness to his work so that his clients can feel both supported and challenged to move forward.

There is a delicate balance between being present with pain and getting lost in it. Yuval sees his role as directing his clients through this extremely difficult transition by providing psychological support and a framework for allowing collaboration and connection, instead of hostility and rage. Together with his clients, Yuval works towards crafting a new co-parenting relationship where their love for their children is stronger than their differences.

Yuval believes in resolving differences outside of the courtroom relying on honesty, cooperation, and integrity geared towards the future well-being of all parties.

As a divorce coach and collaborative professional, Yuval is an active member of several professional institutions, including:

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