Clinical Training
Yuval offers a variety of training programs for collaborative professionals as well as clinical training for therapists & coaches.
Yuval is a lecturer at the Ben Gurion University where he teaches graduate students from the Social Work Department's Conflict Management & Resolution program on “Theory and Practice of the Collaborative Process and their implications for separating couples."

The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) Elected Yuval to its Board of Directors for the 2012-2015 terms. Yuval has taught basic and advanced Interdisciplinary Collaborative Process courses in Canada, England, Scotland, USA, Panama, Brazil, and Israel. He presented in numerous IACP forums in North America and in Europe, and taught at the IACP Institute in the US and Australia. When offering advanced training, Yuval focuses on expanding professional knowledge about the possibilities for couples to move from intimate relationships into a co-parenting arrangements.
Types of training programs offered :
  • Basic interdisciplinary collaborative process
  • Advanced interdisciplinary collaborative process
  • The Collaborative Team 
  • Adult Attachment Style and the Separation Process
  • Honing the Practice of Divorce Coaching – Theory and Techniques

Yuval has presented at numerous events, including: 

  • The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP)
  • The IACP Institute in Milan Italy and the Gold Coast, Australia
  • The European Collaborative Conferences. In Munich , Edenborough and Amsterdam
  • The Second Brazilian Collaborative Congress. 2º Congresso Brasileiro de Práticas Colaborativas, San Paulo
  • The first Panamanian Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice, Panama City
If you would like to talk about how Yuval can support you through your current situation, please get in touch.
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